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About Banished Gaming

Banished Gaming is a diverse, multi-game community founded by long-time friends who value a “community-centric” environment. We support a multitude of game types such as fps, survival, mobas, mmos, and everything in between! Membership ranges from every skill level and playstyle. Simply put--we game and we have fun.

At Banished Gaming you’ll find an amazing community where members can enjoy themselves, meet other like-minded gamers, and create lasting friendships that transcend the games they play.

So whether your enjoyment comes from playing ranked matches, nailing long range headshots, mythic raiding, outrunning zombies, going full PVE potato, or posting dank memes in our discord--BG has you covered!

BG also has opportunities for those who want to bring in their existing team or create a new one and run it under the BG tag. Additional opportunities are available for content creators, streamers, web developers, and graphic artists.

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