Code of Conduct

  • No bigotry, no Racial slurs
  • Zero tolerance of discrimination based on sex, gender, race, creed, or sexual preference
  • No Drama, no toxicity
  • No hacking, cheating, stealing
  • Always be a positive representation of BG
  • Be respectful

Who We Are

Banished Gaming is a diverse, multi-game community founded by long-time friends who value a “community-centric” environment. We support a multitude of game types such as fps, survival, mobas, mmos, and everything in between! Membership ranges from every skill level and playstyle. Simply put--we game and we have fun.

Our Mission

BG strives to create a fun, positive environment where members can enjoy themselves, meet other like-minded gamers, and create lasting friendships that transcend the games they play. BG wants to create a positive impact on the gaming community.

Why Join?

We're big on respect. We love to have fun. We value our members and puts their ideas and opinions first. As a council lead community, BG takes its direction from all of its members. We take pride in our in-game entities and grow them via online-promotion and recruitment. We are home to many successful chapters including a Rainbow 6: Siege ESL team and a WoW Alliance guild and mythic raid team. We also enjoy "Community Game Nights" where members across our games come together for Cards Against Humanity and other fun games!

We are always looking for more teams, guilds, and clans to join us. Not only do we have a great time together in-game, but sometimes we get together outside of game for various events.

So whether your enjoyment comes from playing ranked matches, nailing long range headshots, mythic raiding, outrunning zombies, going full PVE potato, or posting dank memes in our discord--BG has you covered!

Join us to game, stay for the friends made.